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El Faras can finally shine

El Faras can finally shine

After his control start on 20.07.19 in the Harz, he was allowed to participate one day later in the 2000 meter race in Bad Harzburg with Jockey Fabian Weißmeier where he could even occupy the third place. So El Faras crossed the finish line at his fourth start with rider and even made it to the podium.

Video: https://www.racebets.de/en/horse-racing/race/details/id/2928758/external/16599

El Faras then stayed directly in Bad Harzburg where he finished fourth in the 1850m race a week later.

After a good second place in Mülheim on 17.08.19 El Faras decided to start a week later in Baden-Baden.

In Baden-Baden El Faras enthused everyone, and could finish the New Wave opening race with a ten long lead as winner. Jockey Fabian Weißmeier was of course more than satisfied: "He's matured and more experienced. The horse has been done a little wrong, there was a lot of bad luck at the beginning of his career. I actually wanted to go everywhere, but not in front, but when there was no speed, I did it that way. And in training he has never lost a job from the front."


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