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On our 900m canter course with ebb and flow system, training is possible every day, at any time of the year and in any weather...

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Gallop training every day of the year, in all weathers

The 900-metre railway operates with a low and high tide system, so work can be carried out 365 days a year. Ebb tide means: if it is too wet, water is withdrawn, if it is too dry, water is supplied from below.
This system enables the horses to work safely and in a controlled manner, independent of weather and season, with a defined penetration depth of three centimetres.

On this 365-Tide-Track we test here in the Adel Resort mainly the load capacity of the horses while training. The injured tendon is scanned before and after each gallopade - this allows problems to be detected at an early stage and the load to be reduced accordingly.
With the necessary time the animals are accustomed to the gallop work again, before it goes für the high performance training on the 1200 meters long "Deep Track" with a penetration depth of 13 cm or the High Speed Track, with a penetration depth of 8 cm.

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