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The double chamber syringe

DualVis: A worldwide unique patented double chamber syringe for joint disease in horses. The effect: Stop pain, stop cartilage wear and prevent the progress of an athrosis - avoid surgery.

Mode of action of injection therapy with DualVis

The reaction of articular cartilage with arthrotic changes is quite uniform.
In contrast to the healthy joint, the molecular weight of the formed
hyaluronic acid in gonarthrosis. As a consequence, the volume of fluid in the joint increases and the viscosity of the synovial fluid decreases. Since the production of hyaluronic acid is also reduced by the death of the hyaluronic acid-producing cells in the inflamed joint, this effect is further intensified. The consequences are reduced shock absorption and poorer gliding properties in the joint, which lead to further cartilage damage.
Through decisive breakthroughs in research, there is today a double-chamber syringe which contains a high-molecular hyaluronic acid in addition to the low-molecular hyaluronic acid.

The first double chamber of the syringe contains low-molecular hyaluronic acid. This penetrates to the cartilage layer. It forms a thin film over the synovial membrane and thus forms a protective layer for the remaining cartilage cells. In addition, the inflammatory cascade is interrupted and hyaluronic acid degrading enzymes are inhibited. In addition, the body's own hyaluronic acid release is increased. The aim is to restore the original environment of synovial fluid, in the synovial tissue of articular cartilage.
The second chamber contains a high-molecular hyaluronic acid.
Since the surface of the articular cartilage is not smooth, but has a very delicate wavy or rather hilly surface structure, these types of hyaluronic acid beads lie in these tiny small depressions. Occurs in the joint gap no movement to the right or to the left, but if the joint is only loaded from top to bottom, these hyaluronic acid "balls" are now pressed together. The higher the pressure, the more they are pressed into the small dimples in the articular cartilage and thus prevented from escaping to the side. Like a gel shock absorber, DualVis cushions the gap inside the joint and restores the space between the joints. This dual approach of DualVis slows the progression of arthrosis and relieves pain for a long time.
Two injections per joint are recommended on the first day, two more per joint 7 days later.

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