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The worldwide unique high altitude chamber for sport horses was built in the ADEL RESORT...

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We lend wings to your horse

Health, Strength, Endurance, Performance

High altitude training with controlled oxygen depletion now makes maximum performance possible.
This effect has already been used for about 50 years by humans and horses in top-class sport - training at natural height or with a mask, however, have limits - are less effective. Intensive research has now brought the breakthrough:
Now there is the world's first patented Air-Tuning-Chamber for more efficient training for high-performance horses.

In the Air Tuning Chamber the horse adapts to the well-dosed lack of oxygen.

This results in the following advantages:

*Faster healing processes
*Increased endurance, performance and improved lung function
*Increases the load capacity
*Drastically shortens the recovery phase after intensive physical exertion

Due to the lack of oxygen, more and more red blood cells are formed. If there is an increased need for red blood cells, the formation in the bone marrow can be increased by eight to ten times the normal production. In this way, the organism succeeds naturally in compensating for this existing deficiency. Unlike humans, horses have an extraordinary ability: During resting periods, they store about 40% of their red blood cells as a performance reserve in the spleen. These blood cells are released again under stress.

In addition, the artificially induced oxygen reduction in the Air Tuning Chamber triggers a chain reaction at gene level: A special enzyme is formed in the cell that protects against cell damage. Advantage: Musculature and lungs become considerably more resilient.
Furthermore, a further effect begins in the cell. The oxygen reduction activates signal proteins - new vessels and capillaries are formed. Now, the power plants in the mitochondria play a fundamental groundbreaking role. They begin to divide more and more and there is a real performance explosion. The muscles fatigue much more slowly and work more efficiently. This results in a considerable increase in strength, speed and endurance.

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