Food manufacturing

Our feed is free of fungal spores, bacteria and mites due to our own preparation.
Formulation of the feeding individually according to training level and demand...

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The healthy components

Antiallergic, better digestibility and high nutritional values

In the Adel Resort the roughage is freed of fine dust on site and possible introduction of mould, fungi, spores and bacteria is destroyed by an efficient steam chamber.
This protects the animals from allergies, respiratory problems, indigestion (diarrhoea, colic) up to possible abortion of pregnant mares.

A patented steam distribution spike system penetrates the roughage with temperatures of over 100 ºC / 212 ºF from the inside to the outside. This thermally efficient steam chamber manages to maintain the steam volume and high temperatures. This ensures that breathable particles, fungal spores, bacteria and mites are destroyed in the roughage. This ensures that the feed is cleaner, more digestible and retains its nutritional value.

Treatment directly in the Adel Resort

Individual recipe for each animal

Sport horses perform a much higher workload and require higher amounts of feed. The muscles must not over-acidify and the animals must be able to process these amounts of feed. Therefore the formula of the feeding is adapted according to training level and demand.

Individual recipe and exclusive supplements

The components are: Muesli, oats, corn flakes, and rolled barley - supplemented by a little secret; jointly developed by a German university and the knowledge of Adel Massaad from human medicine:
The Endurance Race Capacity powder.
Due to a special micronization technique, amino acids and vitamins reach the cell nucleus. The regeneration of the musculature takes place during sleep. The result: an increase in performance of over 200 percent.

Grassing on large coupling areas

Relaxing and enjoying fresh grass is an integral part of the day's programme.

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