Preparation in the Hot Air Chamber, Pneumation Chamber, Health Care Walker, Air Tuning Chamber...


Hot Air Chamber

Muscular tension and blockages are released in the Hot Air Chamber. This hot-air heat therapy promotes vasodilatation and accelerates blood circulation and is part of the warm-up programme.

Pneumation Chamber

Similar to the cupping process, vacuum causes the suction of tissue layers and muscles. The constant change of impulses ensures intensive processing of the affected tissue sections
This therapy also stimulates the movement of tissue fluids. End products of metabolism, inflammation mediators and environmental pollutants accumulated in the matrix can thus be better dissolved and excreted via the accelerated blood and lymph flow. A causal matrix purification or regeneration takes place. At the same time, the body's own vital substances such as hormones, vitamins and minerals can be transported into the cell associations and thus be available to the organism for optimum metabolic performance.

Air Tuning Chamber

Increased endurance, performance and improved lung function. Increases the load capacity. Drastically shortens the recovery phase after intensive physical exertion.

Health Care Walker: 70m oval guide system with 40m straight

Similar to horse treadmills, the Health Care Walker is designed to provide additional exercise for horses. This can be used to warm up the animal before training. In addition, an increase in fitness and muscle build-up or a change from everyday life can be achieved.

The Health Care Walker of the ADEL RESORT has a running length of 70m per lap, 40m in a straight line. For this purpose, the running floor is covered with rubber mats. This equipment prevents micro lesions and micro traumas. Horses with injuries can use a horse exerciser in the first place.

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