Our center specializes in tendons, ligaments and joint diseases.
Unique new therapies from human medicine, which are exclusively carried out here, stand for the success.
We offer your horse the best possible healing treatments.
Our premium package for you includes all necessary examinations and treatments by our veterinarians.

Comeback: RAPIDO

After a long break due to injury, extensive therapies and a special training program, RAPIDO successfully continues its old achievements:

12.05.2019 Duindigt, Netherlands 1800m: 1st place
25.03.2018 Duindigt, Netherlands 2000m: 1st place
10.12.2017 Mons, Belgium 2100m: 1st place
27.09.2017 Mons, Belgium 2100m: 1st place


Adel Resort TV

Look forward to it: Adel Resort TV! Adel Resort TV shows the real stories about horses, directly from the Leading Equine Medical Center.

Our exercise programs

From warm up, muscle building training, height training, gymnastics jumping, poles and cavaletti work, dressage riding, trotting and cantering up to the maximum load in top speed gallop training...



In the Adel Resort there are unique therapy methods from human medicine



For around 50 years, top performance in top-class sport has been achieved through "training at heights".
This "high-altitude training" at natural height or through a mask has limits and is not very effective.
Intensive research has now brought about a breakthrough:
The ADEL RESORT opens the world's first patented "Air Tuning Chamber" - for more efficient healing and training for high-performance horses!



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