Injection therapy for tendons-, High Suspensory- and ligament- injury

We exclusively have a unique injection therapy from human medicine for the healing of tendons-, high suspensory- and ligament- damage...

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Scarless healing of tendon, ligament and muscle injuries possible through unique injection therapy

Let's take the stress on the tendons as an example: Until now it was clear that a damaged tendon would never regain its former strength. The reason: inelastic scar tissue develops during the healing process. Repaired' tendons are therefore less efficient and much more susceptible to consequential injuries. So we should strive for a complete restoration of the original condition without scarring.
And this is exactly what the Tendo Plus therapy achieves. With this injection therapy original fibers of the type collagen 1 are formed in acute, chronic and even old tendon, ligament and muscle injuries. In chronic or old injuries, the scar tissue, the collagen 3 fibres, is absorbed and replaced by new collagen 1 fibres. This effect is caused by the use of hyaluronic acid. Note the following:
Hyaluronic acid cannot always achieve the desired effect. For Tendo Plus, it is manufactured in a patented process specially developed for soft tissue. The special manufacturing process of Tendo Plus results in a higher affinity to soft tissue, optimizing the positive effect on tendons and ligaments. Here, conventional hyaluronic acid is not used, but hylauronic acid "STABHA" (Soft tissue Adapted Biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid), specially developed and patented for soft tissue.

This unique injection therapy activates the cells involved in a healing process, which form the body's own hyaluronate. Instead of scarring, a gel-like structure, a so-called fibrin complex, surrounds the injured tissue and stabilizes it like an inner support bandage. The procedure is repeated once after 2-3 days and again after 4-6 weeks.
The result: faster healing, less inflammation, less swelling and less pain.

As standard therapies for tendon injuries in international equestrian sports, six conventional types of treatment are common:
1. blister (a paste that causes artificial inflammation)
2. radial and focused shock waves
3. ACP
4. PRP
5th laser FB4
6. stem cells from skin, blood, bone marrow and muscle tissue
All nine established standard therapies lead to a faster healing, also in combination with each other. This is why the treated tendons initially look good in ultrasound, but cannot really withstand new loads. This means: the tendons tear again above or below the old injuries. This usually leads to a total loss.

If you want to return a racehorse with tendon, ligament and muscle injuries to its former strength, you must try to resorb scar tissue, collagen 3, which runs transversely to the fibre, and to restore the performance of the racehorse without increased new risk of injury by forming new collagen 1 along the fibre.

Adel Resort has already achieved excellent results with the injection therapy Tendo Plus.

Exclusively in the ADEL RESORT and at specially trained cooperating veterinarians and clinics. Ask us here.

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12th Congress of Equine Medicine And Surgery / Geneva, Schwitzerland

New therapy option for tendons and ligament damage for the horse. A lecture by Dr. med. vet. Rüdiger Brems, Pferdeklinik Wolfesing. December 11-13, 2012

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